ERP Reporting System

We have tested several systems like ure, hegn, briketter and brænde. In a few days we will be listing the Dashboard software we liked the best here with both the con's and pro's of each system. Picking the right system requires a lot of reasearch and figuring out which features you must have and which are just a bonus or not even needed. Should it be a system like Microsoft Dynamics Nav, the netsuite system or the one from Targit? There are many things to consider when buying such a system, and you might as well get it right in the first try.

ERP Integration

Can you integrate your Enterprise resource planning system with an advanced reporting system? Companies like Smykker, Behance, and many others use this. Check this article and see the benefits of using advanced reporting tools such as business intelligence in combination with your current ERP-System. By using a system such as the Targit BI tool you can supercharge your Enterprise system and get even more out of your data. Using ERP reporting or dashboard you can monitor your data live and see realtime performance.

ERP Support

It can often be difficult to see if your current system works with a specific type of reporting tool. Which of the common Enterprise resource planning software works with which types of reporting software? This is something we are going to take a closer look at soon, so stay tuned and we will be bring you news on this very soon so that you can easier make the choice in which tools are worth considering. Meanwhile read some of our articles on this topic under our blog section.